For the first time since I started my own tradition, annual etching of the appropriate Chinese Zodiac in Christine Arweilers Radierwerkstatt der VHS Kreuzberg, this New Year due to the global pandemic restrictions I had no access to the printing tools and press. Consequently, there is no etching for the 2021 Metal Ox. The past year, Metal Rat, I was astonished again and again when I looked at the etching I had made in 2019, December, shortly before the outbreaks and closing down of public life. It is always an intuitive process for me to do these cards. In 2019, it was the first time, the animal was inside the house as motif – usually, there was an animal and a house. I remember making conversations with fellow printers in the community centre studio, we have known each other for some years, we know each other’s works and work processes, there is lovely respect and mutual admirations, senses of humor and open ears; I did mention my surprise at how the motif ended up a character inside. And I remember, it took two takes: I had ruined the first plate and decided to take off the first sketch and redo the plate, repolish, reasphalt, redraw. When I had placed the rat in its arm chair, I mumbled about, wondering/deciding whether the rat should be alone in its home, or be with a cat…and a fellow printer said. no, no cat – she shouldn t have to worry about a thing, just be contently with herself. I thought / felt such a relief. Now, that the year went by, I look at the card, and its bizarre foretelling: Framed hobbies, a home to sit in, contemplation, or is it not waiting? For this storm to be over? For something to lift of the worries? For the world to see how un-dignified so many are forced to live every day when there is not a “pandemic”? None of that seems to happen – not where I reside. Here is to a New Year, nonetheless, to a year filled with social and physical proximities! And to a new era that terminates the big taboo of social shutdowns of speaking about the ills of capitalism, of dying democracies, of festivities only for what something labels “productive”. Here is to aging! To Mother and Father Earth! To children and youth that I want to apologize to for not wreaking havoc when grown-ups claimed them as “spreaders of diseasese”, here is to respect for one another, and all these out-dated things that have no words, but only feelings. Axé!

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2019 habe ich etwas gefunden, was ich vorher so noch nicht erlebt habe: Ich glaube nun langsam zu begreifen, was die alten Herrrschaften meinten, wenn sie von ihrer Muse faselten. Ein Körper, der (zu) einem Menschen gehört, und wenn ich ihn zeichne, all hell breaks lose in 10 0000 of my minds and drawing fingers.

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“Kein Tag ohne Linie!” Werner Friedrichs

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Von Bild zu Bild, von Stadt zum Land, von Land zu Land – nirgendwohin gehen wir heute

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new year 2021

for the first time since I started drawing on a regular basis, this year during the christmas holiday season and for new year s day, I did not draw. That is to say, I did not go out to draw. And it was just now that I realize it – as social media suggest me these “memory” functions with drawings from past years and I spot Holiday decoration and my ritual to go to a Café or museam on New Year s Day for the first line of the year. This year, museums and Cafés are closed; I could have gone anyways to make a drawing. This lead me to consider to place an old drawing with this late new year s post – this lead me to not find it scanned, but find three other sketches from about 10 -14 years ago. This has lead me to a new year resolution (I usually am not playing this game, I am daily stressed trying to be better and well-behaved) : draw less conclusions. Happy New Year, World. May this one also be with life and love and aiming for peace -inside and out.

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walking around

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on the schier infinite anatomical magic during Klein classes with Barbara Mahler, NYC (excerpts)

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further temptations of dramatic light postproduction when large canvas halls are hard to find (dreaming of affffffordable studio space in hyper-urban urban cities)

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some days are without caption

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the dearest ones

some times dont stay on this side of the planet where we want them to be, selfishly I had dreamt to pour you your morning tea, hcw, when we re 64, down over in Weston Supermare on our Christmas Holidays that you would ve hated and made you smile to go anyways to make me happy and I would have let you. Make me happy. We would have walked by our deep love, the ocean, and draw, or me draw and you pick up your treasures from the shore. I would ve talked all day and you ve mumbled some things in between. or we would ve been quiet all day. or me quiet and you cheerily joking around, in a smirking whirl of energy. Or maybe I would have kissed you one day, like the guy on the plane told me to in 2010 “next time you see her, kiss her” – I didnt want to risk our friendship. It would ve been better to have you still walking my earth and without your friendship- but that is only my perspective. And I dont really mean it; I am just daydreaming….for a tiny second, because that is all I can allow myself after four years. A post on this blog – that I had to discontinue, as I had to discontinue my drawing practice. It reminded me too much of you. And that reminded me of your departure to the oceans forever. and that reminded me that you no more existed. and that was what I still dont want to remember. Forgive me, my love, my friend. People have told me that I have the right to be angry – but how could I be angry at you, I wonder. If all I truely wish, is for you to feel fine. 10 days a week. I started drawing again. Drawing is not the same. And my life is not the same. I thought I knew how much I love you, how much I appreciated every day that you were in my world walking this planet fulltime alive – but it hits much harder after someone goes off, I tell you. There is a life that used to be. And it aint mine no more. I am trying to find a new one, wish me luck, fellow traveler, wish me luck.

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