Retrospektive: A Christmas Travel Tale in 25 Pictures by Lina. Part 6. Exploring Knoxville.

After arriving at the airport, she engaged in an endless stream of adventures, went offline, transposed to yet another city and another and completely forgot about her Christmas Tale. Scattered-minded from one year into the next, she kept holding on to various pens and brushes. Wishing that she would be able to continue drawing lines and curves, circles and squares as long as she pleases. Drawing outside the little screenbox, in that other world that surrounds the screen and that is reproduced within the screen, she decided to start the new year in an honest move: end the project “Christmas Travel Tale 2012” right here and right now – and concluded that while traveling and drawing go well together for her- travelling, drawing and blogging result in serious stress at times; especially when without scanner, electricity and or internet connection. A happy healthy new year ful of adventures and calm tidesreading news maki cafe kxv 1 downtown kxv 2 cafe downtown kxv 3 katzen im haus bus warten in der sonne hearst swimming pool!

* The End. *

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