flying away 2 (round 15 and with unexpected winds)

P1000727 copynumber 2 of 3 on 10 meters of 28 gramm tracing-pattern paper P1000725 copy   number 3 of 3: P1000764 copy P1000765 copy P1000766 copy P1000767 copy P1000748 copy

P1000768 copyP1000769 copy

and a few of these 10 meters with ink and pebbles….seconds after I decided to not yet remove the pebbles in order to reveal what drawing, them and I, and ink will have left as “imprint” on the paper….thinking: its sunny and hot, no winds..I ll be patient. I ll let the very watery ink that flooded the frail paper dry a bit more….to have less ink running around the paper between lines that I wanted. and then, wind came by to play…faster than I could grasp the situation, faster than I could do anything about heavy pebbles, rocks that held down the thin paper…..P1000774 copy and 28g went were wind took it.   P1000772 copygoodbye beloved drawing…hello unexpectedness. P1000776 copy

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