The Entrepreneurial City: Re-imaging Localities, Re-designing Economic Governance, or Re-structuring Capital?

Bob Jessop

This on-line version is the pre-copyedited, preprint version. The published version can be found here:

‘The entrepreneurial city: re-imaging localities, redesigning economic governance, or restructuring capital?’, in N. Jewson and S. MacGregor, eds, Realising Cities: New Spatial Divisions and SocialTransformation, London: Routledge, 28-41, 1997.

By: Bob Jessop[1]

 The principal forms, functions, and policy mechanisms of local and regional economic strategy in advanced western capitalist societies have undergone major changes during the last two decades. There have been major shifts in cities’ roles as subjects, sites, and stakes in economic restructuring and securing structural competitiveness. These shifts are reflected in increased interest in, and emphasis on, the ‘competition state’[2] at the national (and, at least in Europe, supranational) level and the ‘entrepreneurial city’ at both regional and local levels. The distinctive feature of ‘competition states’ and ‘entrepreneurial cities’ is their self-image as being proactive in promoting the…

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