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°°Waves°and°Groove°-Workshop, Berlin (Where thinking lies. moving explosions between 2s and 3s, a spine and a body.)

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A very different kind of year (on some days, I am just so horribly disappointed by this world (and disappearingly horrified))

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Academic Rituals 2/1000 0000

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ornitologisches ::: bird studies

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flying away 2 (round 15 and with unexpected winds)

number 2 of 3 on 10 meters of 28 gramm tracing-pattern paper   number 3 of 3:   and a few of these 10 meters with ink and pebbles….seconds after I decided to not yet remove the pebbles in order … Continue reading

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nothing to see

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being with friends ::: Bremer Stadtmusik@ant*innen Dritttbesetzung

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Karla’s Butterfly Cake, winter edition

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die Krone auf dem Chaos! (für das Hängebauchschwein) (und für alle andern auch)

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