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doing just fine without visual theory

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für Mike, für Mike Lotze – den liebsten und liebenswertesten Menschen meiner Welten.

der jetzt einfach nicht mehr hier ist

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bureaucracy, aesthetics – is it the same?

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The Entrepreneurial City: Re-imaging Localities, Re-designing Economic Governance, or Re-structuring Capital?

Originally posted on Bob Jessop:
This on-line version is the pre-copyedited, preprint version. The published version can be found here: ‘The entrepreneurial city: re-imaging localities, redesigning economic governance, or restructuring capital?’, in N. Jewson and S. MacGregor, eds, Realising Cities:…

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being with the lovely energy and great soccer of “DISCOVER FOOTBALL” 2015 in Berlin

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“hasta el azul del mar en nuestros corazónes” poema nadar de Nilo Julian G Preval

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